Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i get the feeling that the spammers read my blog. i mention seroquel and i get lawsuit spam for seroquel. i mention rehab and i get rehab spam. it's eerie.

it's sunny and hot out, but not as humid as i was hoping. we're trying to get some thunderstorms going in this desert for the weekend, and i was hoping it would start early. i can wait, i have no plans for the weekend. well, aside from trying to scam some Robertos chips and guac and a slurpee or two i have no plans.

this song was heard again last night in a soundtrack. we were watching Beer Fest. we heard it in another movie . . . Euro Trip, i think it was. i love this song and will play it on repeat as often as i can. it's a happy, punk french song that defies translation. i've found at least four translations online, none of them agree with each other. aside from the refrain (which means "this life's for me"), it seems to be a mix of french and english gibberish. that doesn't take anything from the song, it's just happy. guitars and saxaphones and happy joy.

i changed the layout of my lj pages. purple and black and bats. i'm over my orange fetish for now. it will return, but i really liked the purple and the bats were a bonus. i probably have the same layout as half the tweener goths on this site, but i don't care.

i'm going to go clean my silver jewelry. cyn hooked me up with a polishing method, or rather a tarnish remover. i sweat so easily. doc threw his blanket over me this morning and i thought i was going to have a heat stroke. i really cannot stand when it's too hot. i didn't move to the desert for the heat (though it is a plus never having to deal with snow), i moved here because i knew everything would be air conditioned. hee.

leeloo is asleep at my feet and tech is in our room scoping things out. if she finds out he's in there, she's going to thump him. right on top of the head, like tech did to jack, leeloo does to tech.

M has been here a bit under two months and i am so frelling glad he moved in. he's easy to talk to, he's honest (even when the question is "i'm flipping out a little here, aren't i?"), and he's funny. i love hanging out with him in the afternoons and evenings. he even offers to help me with my chores. all around great guy. some girl better grab him up, he's one of the good ones.

now tech is in my lap. have i mentioned what a big cat he is? not fat, just frelling huge. he takes up my lap and has plenty left over to dangle iin his balance. he's such a sweet and loving cat. he reflects M's personality. wow, this cat puts off a lot of body heat. wow. hot lap.

wasn't i going to go do something?
Tags: cats, ramble, weather

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