Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

my bed is about as colorful as the icon up there. except our blankets are pink and blue. and contrary to popular color coding for the sexes, i have the blue blanket and doc has the pink. i miss my bed. i got up at 8 this morning. i was up before M even left for work, and he had to be at work early.

i cleaned out all the spam from my mailbox once again. i really need to check my email daily. once i finish cleaning up in here, that won't be a problem.

i'm still haveing problems with my USB hub, the one on the motherboard. doc said i may need a PCI USB hub. i really need to talk to M about it. i want to change the music on my mp3 player and download the pics and movies in my cameras. i have a constant message window telling me that there has been a power surge on a hub port, and i try to reset the one causing the problem, but nothing happens and i continue to get that message. i wonder if there is a port that works, then i could hook up my external USB hub. but how to get rid of the message . . . i need M for this.

now the obvious question: i can't make any noise because i might wake doc up, so should i just go back to bed? i probably won't until doc is off to work, but looking at the clock on my computer (the only accurate clock outside of M's room), it just seems really early.

sitting here in the studio room, i look around and see where i can do stuff that will make a big difference and are easy (read: not overwhelming) to do. i'm going to need a big garbage bag. and a box for fabrics, oh, there is a box and it's empty. hee hee hee.
Tags: geek, whiny little bitch

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