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didn't i say i didn't want to get up early? best laid plans and all of that. i had to get up because i started my stupid period. that could explain the nasty mood, especially yesterday. i'm no longer in the killing mood i was in yesterday. i'm not at peace, but i feel better.

i think i scared M last night with my blankie and hat and general weirdness. to his credit, he didn't seem to notice. having him here is so cool.

we're out of bananas. that is the one fruit i will eat with gusto. yogurt for breakfast it is. i have to eat before i take the geodon, it works better with food. i don't like food, i don't like that i have to eat. it bugs me no end. i gain weight when i don't eat. and i gain more weight if i eat, even if i eat like a bird.

i hate my face. i was studying it for age/sun spots and realized how fat my face had gotten. and i hated it instantly and didn't finish the look over. though i did find some new spots. like i said a few days ago, i need to take my 15 minute/day sun time and do it in the afternoon instead of the morning. the sun will still be vitamin giving, just not as strong.

doc's alarm keeps going off and he keeps hitting snooze. it makes me nervous. the next two hours will be a marathon of keeping myself out of the way while helping him to get out the door. these are the hours i wish i would sleep through.

i have to clean up this living room. it's making me crazy, i can't stand a mess. that's why i keep the lights off in my room as much as possible, it is a mess and a half.
Tags: whiny little bitch

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