Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

salutations. i haven't decided what mood i'm in. the kitchen is trashed. there is cat vomit on the floor. okay, no more cat vomit.

what is a good silver polish that leaves a protective coating on the silver? i have a polish, but i did my silver bracelets with it and they all turned black with sweat and wear. not attractive.

i don't know if i mentioned it, but jack tore off one of his claws while kneading at my stuffed bear, Bernard. we've been keeping it clean and it looks to be healing, but i can't see a new nail in the pulp. he's not limping or chewing on it and as long as there's no sign of infection, we have no plans to go to the vet. at the first sign of infection or pain and i'm putting him in the carrier and busing him to the new vet up the hill.

nothing got done in my studio room this weekend. i kept taking naps. i'll take care of it myself today. after i nap.

i've been letting the meds knock me out in the morning/early afternoon. that way i get up around 5 and can get stuff done once the heat of the day is over.

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