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i have coffee, cigarettes and music and i have squeezed them into a very small space in front of my computer. oy, what a mess. i can still see the small bits i divided it into in my head. i just have to wait for the boys to be up and not sensitive to noise. christmas boxes go in my closet, as will a box of fabric, once i box it up. i have boxes in my room and tape to seal them. no problem there. getting the crap off the floor in here isn't the big issue, it's the cleaning off of the table and the figuring out where the other computer is going.writing through it isn't the most exciting, but it helps me get my shit together. if i get spazzed out i can look back and see that i had a grip on it.

the cats have settled into a weird status quo. jack and tech play fight. max is coming out of M's room more and more and being social with the cats, no fights there. max is under the protection of tech. meanwhile, chloe has decided she doesn't like tech and fights are common. mostly chloe cornering herself and her flipping out with the hissing and the howling and tech looking at her bewildered. endless entertainment.

i accidentally cut open a donna karan perfume sample, so my desk smells pretty good.

at some point i'm going to compile a list of movies i've watched over the past four weeks. yesterday it was "30 Days of Night" and "Crank". i had seen Crank before, but thanks to my swiss cheese memory, i didn't remember most of it. good movie. 30 Days of Night was interesting. not horrifying. every sets were very light, in spite of it being night and the power was out in the town. but the vampires were cool, not the charismatic pretty children that are so common. they were scary looking.

this coffee from yesterday is suck. i think i'll make another pot and watch some of my netflix movies. i still have Funny Girl and just got Lemony Snickets and a Cary Grant classic, The Awful Truth. the boys have no interest in any of these movies. so i'm on my own.

i think i'll wash and maybe braid my hair today. two nice braids. doc will have to help me with it, i can't part the back on my own. this will show my roots and i will remember to have doc get hair dye for my wretched roots.

i'm tired of writing, well, actually, i've run out of things to say. see ya.
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