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having slept through most of my day, i'm feeling pretty good. one thing i forgot was that i need to take care of myself while i'm going through the medication changes. later, when i change my bandages, i'll take a shower and try out the new dove body wash that doc got me. i'll also likely wash my hair. then i'll smell like a cucumber coconut. when i'm rich and famous, i'm going to coordinate my bath and hair products. heh, i'll put some green apple spray on and come out smelling like a complete salad. oh, can't forget the olive body lotion. this is so fun! then i'll paint my nails eggplant or pink cotton candy (for a foray out of the salad bowl). parts of being a girl are fun, other parts are just a pain in the ass. my opinion on what is which will change on a constant basis.

i got something in the email about a lawsuit and seroquel. something about weight gain and blood sugar. i've got the weight gain, but i have no idea about my blood sugar. it was just a curious piece of spam. now, if they were offering to help with the weight gain and make it not so much in the "gain" category and more in the "loss" side.

as i was waiting to fall asleep, a lot of solutions for some little problems that have grown up in this apartment came to me. organizational things. in small steps so i'm not so overwhelmed. my first priority is the studio space. i have to work out what is up with my computer, make sure the USB hub is working and then get back to work on the book. and it looks like i'll be able to afford to get a few chapters printed for sending out.

things are looking up. i can see that now. all it took were the pre nap musings of my twisted brain. thank you, twisted brain.

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