Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

and the news is . . . good!

i just talked to a woman at social security who told me if i get the missing paperwork in very soon, my payments will restart and i won't have to go through the appeals process. i am ever so relieved.

i'm actually typing this on my computer, on my new keyboard. ooooh, how i love this keyboard. it's a soft touch, and i love typing on it.

that being said, i haven't a lot to say.

i'm going to be in trouble with my shrink, and i'm already in trouble with doc. i cut myself with some scissors. when i told doc, at this point he said, "what were you doing?" and i said, "cutting myself with scissors" and after a beat he yells, "oh, on purpose!". this conversation went down while he was at work. and he called me on the way home to make sure i had it bandaged up so he didn't have to see it. i obliged. what was i thinking? i don't know. i do know that it would have been a lot worse if M hadn't come home when he did. and M took me out to get cloves and a slurpee.

i also neosporined the most recently healed wound on my left arm. it isn't healing right. there is all manner of stuff happening just below the scar. blood blisters are forming. it happens on both the left and the right, but the left was worse, it was starting to look fresh.

p.s. i'm not going to the hospital for this one. i'm just going back on my geodon and not fucking with it anymore. i broke like glass this week, while trying the half dose. don't like that. i never knew the geodon was doing so much for me. i really didn't.

p.p.s. i'm still okay. my mind is in a much better place now that i have the social security thing taken care of. when doc gets up, we'll fill out the form, he can sign it and have it in the mail today. this should be taken care of by next month's rent.
Tags: flaming fuckwit, money, stupid self mutilation, whiny little bitch

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