Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

attention readers and friends

i'm okay. really i am. my posts have alarmed a couple of friends, and i want to reassure anyone who may also be concerned.

point by point: yes i have an addiction and i plan to go to rehab very soon. i don't use drugs that are physically addictive, just psychologically. i know this can completely mess up my meds, hence, the rehab plan.

yes, social security shafted me, but we've come out on top with rent money anyway. we were smart to sock away money. the bills will all be paid and the rent will be on time. i'm still wary, i don't know what i'll have to do to get my payments reinstated, but i'm sure they will be. if i don't get it by next month, then we'll be hurting, but that is then. i'm in the here and now.

i'm adjusting my geodon in an attempt to lower it. that may not happen. i've been very unstable and last night i wanted to hurt myself. i didn't. but i did take the higher dose of geodon. this may not be the right time for a med decrease.

so everything is shiny. i am loved and in love, things with doc and me are shiny. having a roommate is also shiny.

now, if i could get his cat to stop gnawing on the power cord to this laptop. "Tech, honey . . . NO". he just laughs at me. you're no one until you've been laughed at by a cat.

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