Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

here i am. i've been up for two hours. and i just came in from my sit in the sun. it's hotter than snot out there, i'll tell you what.

max, the cat we never saw until a week ago, is out of M's room and frolicking with the other cats. and sharpening her claws on the couch, bad max. she's just so small and long furry and adorable. i've held her once, against her furry will, and she was just so tiny. the fur makes her look much bigger than she really is.

the coffee is hot and strong and the water bottle is full of ice and water. i have all i need sitting in front of me. well, to the side. i have the laptop on the couch so i'm turned away from the table.

i started reading my friend list again. so many people have stopped posting. i miss them. and i try to comment on ljs when i feel like i have something to say.

we were going to go get me shoes today, but with the recent financial crisis with me not getting my check this month, i have the feeling i'll be staying home while he goes and gets shoes for him, which he really needs. monday i will put an appeal in motion so we don't have to go without for long. i have 60 days to appeal, i can't see anyone waiting that long. a lot of people have no other income. the only up side is that we had some money put away and that may cover rent. we can even ditch the cable for a while. this laptop is on wireless, so i'll still have contact with the outside world. as long as power and the storage unit are paid, that's all that matters. and i will convert to not eating, not that i eat much now. a banana and cereal. last night i had a frozen dinner of pot roast and carrots with green beans on the side. i got two veggie servings yesterday, and one fruit. yay! and i get my grains and fiber from the cereal. oooh, i just remembered we have a giant cantaloupe in the fridge, there's breakfast. cool.

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