Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

okay, i'm calm. i went to bed for a while and actually got some sleep.

there is rain on the way.

at the suggestion of a good friend, i spent 15 minutes sitting in the sun today. we have a grassy area outside our door, so i sat down with my mp3 player and a clove cigarette and had myself 15 minutes of vitamin D giving sunshine.

i've put on weight since raising my seroquel dose. i need to start working out to turn it around. the icon used is from when i first moved here, during my skinniest time. it makes me miss me. i'm trapped in this fat chick. the diet pills i use have been discontinued. now i have to find another brand that has ephedra in the pills. doc reminded me of my tae bo tape. i should find that and start using it again. it helps with coordination, a lot. and i need help with that. i have a hard enough time staying up on my feet. i am not graceful. i never have been. but i'm much more accident prone now than i was ten years ago. speaking of, i want to take off my ankle brace and let my ankle air out while i'm just sitting here. i can't hurt it further if i just sit here.

by the goddess, i cannot wait for this weekend to begin.

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