Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i've been bad. i'm going to rehab for christmas (inside joke). but it's such a fun ride. i say i quit something and then there it is in my face and i have no self control. i fiend for the drug so long as it's around. when it's gone, so is the craving.

through the crack in the blinds, i see that it is a beautiful day outside. but the blinds stay closed. i'm digging the dark cave effect.

the weekend was good. we watched several movies. the only one i remember the title to is Rise: Blood Hunter, with Lucy Liu. silly B movie, but i enjoyed it. the rest of them are a blur. M always has movies to watch. we saw one that just came out . . . what was it. . . frell, i can't think of it.

tomorrow i have a shrink appointment. i'll be testing out my ankle, as there is some walking to the bus stops and to the shrink after the bus. about a half mile of walking. not much. if i take it slow, i'll be fine. doc wants me to get a ride from M, but i don't know his schedule and i keep forgetting to ask him. doc is also talking cab ride. but after my horror show of being trapped at the shrink's office for 7 hours waiting for a cab. because it was raining so hard and i didn't have a leather on to wear in the rain. that sucked. and i still get twitchy when i go. even when i know that i'm walking and it's all okay. it's never okay. shouldn't the meds make it easier?

i'm so confused about my meds. i'll be talking to her about it tomorrow. try to discontinue the geodon, since i'm taking so much seroquel. it's redundant. and expensive. we pay $200 for a three month supply. even seroquel, in it's large dosage is only $100 for three months. if we could save that two hundred dollars, that would be great. it would help pay for the other meds.

ack and argh, i need to put my contacts in, these glasses are driving me batty.

you'd better have a great day, or you will thwart my effort to make people have good days.

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