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cloves, quiet and coffee. it's a gorgeous morning. the cats are playing together. tech is very vocal. sometimes he will spew out entire sentences of meowing. he also uses his short meows at the other cats. that's the first time i've seen that. cats don't usually meow at each other, they have body language that they understand, meowing isn't necessary. the battery in my mp3 player went dead so i'm recharging it and sitting in silence.

i have to do something about my dreams. they are too violent and scary. and i don't dream about the horror movies, i dream about real stuff and real situations, just with an ultra violent twist to them. i wake up from them worn out and ready to sleep more. it mostly happens when i nap. i could stop napping for a while (and jsut be a zombie on the couch), but i fear it would then invade my overnight sleep and that would just suck.

now that M has moved in, we are solid financially. that takes a great load off my mind. it makes the small incidental purchases possible. like finger nail polish. i have an italian charm that says "best" and is surrounded in pink enamel. and i wanted nail polish in the same shade of pink. i wear mostly black and camoflauge, so i thought a nice girly color would set it all off. so after a while of looking and comparing, i found some inexpensive pink polish. i also found one called "mint dream" that is a pale green with much iridescence and blue tones to it, again, not my color, but it was too cool to pass up for two dollars. now i have electric blue, eggplant, red (which looks horrid on me), moss green, and the two new ones. this means i need to paint my nails soon. i can't wait to see the pink on me.

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