Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

things have evened out. i got a new coffee maker. the thing is smarter than i am, and it doesn't mind telling me in fluent R2D2ese. i will study the manual and conquer this technological nectar giver.

for those who were concerned, i will not quit my meds. no matter how i feel about them. they help me. without them i wouldn't be helped and things would go wrong.

we watched Teeth last night. a completely silly story of a girl with teeth in her vagina. horror movies come in all shapes and sizes, kids. this was just ridiculous, and i don't recommend it. but it was fun for an hour and a half. but then, Morons From Outer Space is a favorite of mine, so you can't go by my taste. today i have Funny Girl to watch, no horror there. just fabulous costumes and lots of musical numbers.

i hope everyone has a great day, it's friday! damn, i didn't even realize that. i thought it was thursday. cool, bonus. the guys have off the next two days! i love fridays! have a frelling great friday! i think i'll blow off the movie and watch a couple of my fave Farscape episodes. i'm so excited now, how cool.

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