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M got home yesterday. so i had someone to watch Hostel with. both the first and the second are very slow moving, barely making up for it in gore. i liked the Saw movies better. but gore and scary are gore and scary so i enjoyed them well enough.

they came and fixed the toilet at 9:fortysomething this morning. we all got woken up, i'm the only fool still out of bed. but once i get up and deal with something, i'm pretty much up for the duration. so i made myself a pot of hazelnut coffee (my favorite) and started playing with the laptop.

well, not playing with it, but using it. and listening to my mp3 player. it will soon be time to put new music on it. though i really like this mix and will have to write it down. it isn't as much 80's as one would think. most of it is from this century. don't get me wrong, the 80's still represent, they just don't dominate.

and speaking of dominate, M has gotten my interest in professional wrestling up. once you know what is going on, the fights are colorful. i wonder at the appearance of wet hair. all the guys with longish hair, which is most of them, come out with wet or gelled hair. it looks better on camera, but it's kind of weird. and the shoes are really cool. calf high lace up athletic shoes. i'm going to see how expensive a pair would be for me. just basic black. they're likely expensive. i also like to watch the chicks fight. you could call it a high point. the chicks don't wear the wrestling boots. or if they do, their costumes cover them up.

let it be known that they are calling for storms and rain and such by the middle of next week. i should hold a contest to see when they casually remove the storm icon from the day. but las vegas weather isn't contest worthy to anyone who isn't here or coming here really soon.


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