Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the living room, where i am sitting listening to Will and Grace, is deliciously dark and cool. with the bright of the laptop, the cats are invisible to me though i feel their fur tickle my legs as they walk under them.

today is friday. doc wears jeans to work. M might be home today. i have a bunch of horror movies to watch once doc leaves.

i'm thinking of writing down our rules for Monopoly. M wanted to play the other day, but i didn't think i could convey our rules in a way that made sense. plus, some of doc's and my rules come out of our respect and love for each other. it's a very friendly game, until i start winning by more than five thousand dollars.

someone flamed me the other day for sucking my thumb and making kids think it is okay to suck one's thumb. i haven't responded because i have so many answers. they also suggested i balance my yin with my yang ($50 a session with a therapist, we're working on it). there was also a demand that i grow up. i can only assume they came to my lj from my site, where i have a section on thumbsucking, possibly after their own child found it. funny thing is, except for the thumb sucking part, doc agreed with the post. and that hurt some. maybe because he was taking the side of the anon attacker. no, no maybe, that was it.

i have minimal chores to do today. mostly to do with the studio. there has to be something i can do with that room so i can go back to work in there.

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