Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

last night was . . . well, i'm glad it's over. i had bad dreams all night. dreams i won't even write about. it seems like i relived every humiliation i've ever been through. i threw teddy bears off the bed and pillows. all in my sleep. i awoke to stuffed animal carnage. then i febreezed them and put them back on the bed. i was up for a couple of hours and then went back to sleep. i'm happy to say that the dreams didn't follow me into my nap time. so i'm feeling better.

the boys are out grocery shopping and picking up dinner.

someone once gave us a TV permanently stuck on mute. what i didn't realize was that it had a bigger and better picture than the TV in the living room. doc traded them out and hooked the stereo up to the mute TV and now things are in stereo and with a nicer picture. the TV that was in here, the living room, will go into the bedroom, replacing a TV with all manner of problems. yay! now i just need a cheap DVD player for the bedroom. but there will be time for that later.

i'll be getting my new gear for my computer this upcoming week. doc even made some room in the studio for me. then i can check my email again. i have so many pictures to post. we got visited by a praying mantis last night. that's good luck in some cultures, and we consider it good luck. plus i've been getting the cutest pictures of Tech.

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