Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the sky above the Big Dirt Hill is grey. a bit darker than the infamous Pittsburgh Grey. i sense there will be rain, finally.

i've got ramones in my head right now. i have my mp3 player on and am oblivious to what is going on in the apartment, which isn't much. M is gaming and Doc is asleep. leeloo is asleep where my feet would be if i weren't sitting indian style. my faithful leeloo dallas, multicat, supreme being. i love my leeloo.

we have no plans for the weekend. we were going to go see the new X-Files movie, but we've heard from different sources that it sucks, so we're trying to find another movie to go to. maybe the Dark Knight, M has seen it, but i haven't and he really liked it.

now doc is up. cleaning the kitchen. i guess i'll clean the living room when i'm done here. we need to swap out TVs in my, strike that, our room.

you know who i haven't listened to in a long time? ani difranco. i have one of her songs, "gravel" in my mp3 rotation. maybe that will be a project today, find the difranco CDs. doc had most of them when he got together with me. i think they are on the CD holder behind the couch. i stopped listening to her with Little Plastic Castles. we got the next one but never listened to it like we did the other ones. i've let doc let go of too many things that he likes. he spends all of his time tending to me and working. i have to change that.

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