Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it's a bright shiny day out. just looking at the Big Dirt Hill, you can feel the heat coming off of it.

M left his Family Guy DVDs out, i think i'll watch those today.

Doc has a friend at work who picks him up before the shift and drops him off here after work. she, like me, is a Slurpee-holic. and she has been helping support my habit. on the way here, she stops and gets herself a slurpee and one for me. she is the sweetest thing in the world. her ring tone is Sweet Home Alabama and she's got the sweetest southern accent. i just adore her. i love it when she comes over. there is always much laughter.

there is one cat out of hiding, and that's my leeloo dallas, she's laying on the couch next to me. she started out trying to get up on my lap, but the laptop was in the way and she's not a lap cat. she tries it every so often, but it just isn't for her. at least, not on my lap. i constantly move and fidget. it bugs her fur off.

the swelling in my ankle has finally gone down. if i wasn't wearing the brace, i would have twisted it many times in the past few days. like getting out of bed today (which requires climbing over doc's legs) and landing on my bad foot. if i hadn't had the brace on, i would have been frelled. it still hurts, but not enough for me to take pain relievers. i had lortab through the worst of it. now it's been three weeks. it should be healed soon. it should have been healed by now, but i kept not wearing the brace and frelling it up early on. i don't learn until it hurts.

here's my fear: when i was a freshman in highschool, i twisted my left ankle on one of those mini trampoline things, you know the kind that fits in the living room and is just big enough to jog in place on . . . so i twisted my ankle. and my parents ignored it, i got what i deserved, blah blah blah. then in gym class i twisted it again, and again my parents ignored it. days later my ankle was three times its normal size and black and blue and my gym coach got a look at it and pulled me out of gym and called my parents, yelling at them that it was perfectly obvious that i needed medical attention. i was in the hospital by the weekend for surgery on my ankle. apparently i am missing some tendons or some such in my ankles, making them weak. they fixed my left one and i call it my bionic ankle. my worry is that i will keep hurting the right one just a little each time until i end up having to have it fixed. so the brace stays on. and now i am surrounded by people who care about me and will get me medical attention if i need it, but still i worry that these little twists and jars will make it into the mess the left one was.

i'm not aging well in certain ways. my body is weak. i am uncoordinated. add age to a sedentary lifestyle and i'm a mess waiting to happen. if it weren't for doc constantly looking out for me, i don't know where i'd be.

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