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the sun is still on the porch, it must be before ten. yep, 9:30. i've already made coffee and responded to most comments on my journal. and i've spent a good deal of time just sitting here listening to my mp3 player and watching the cats. jack and tech got into a one round, 5 second fight. leeloo is sitting on a neutral chair whapping the head of any cat that gets near her. sometimes she's in a bad mood when i get up early. moody kitty.

i watched some fighting show last night with M, the UFC, i think. very homoerotic. most bouts came down to them holding, nay, clutching each other on the floor, hitting each other with their elbows. there is a point when you're not fighting anymore and someone owes someone else dinner. it was very entertaining. i even called the feature bout. i didn't call how short it would be, just minutes, but i called the winner before the fight.

the weather people keep putting off the rain. now, instead of today and tomorrow, it's sunday or monday. Stop Teasing Me, Weather People!! the sky couldn't be bluer and already it's getting hot. as witnessed by our a/c going on rather frequently. and that's with the thermostat set at 80 degrees.

i've come to realize that the strip looks almost nothing like i remember it. i can't wait to get down there. maybe in the fall. i don't like going from 103 degrees to 68 degrees over and over again, they supercool the casinos. how anyone can do that is beyond me, i suspect a lot of people leave here with colds from doing that. unless they spend their whole trip in the casino and hotel they are staying at. and a lot of people do that.

we heard on the news that the transit authority is changing their fares. an all day pass right now costs $2.50 out here, $5 on the strip bus. now they want to change the suburban all day passes to $4, almost doubling the fare. and the $30 monthly pass will be $50. so if you think you were getting off cheap by taking public transit here, prepare to be punished. i can understand it, with the fuel costs and what not, but i don't have to be happy joy fun about it. i wonder when this change will happen. i'm bummed about it. it's much easier to scrape together $2.50 in change, not so easy to scrape together $4. but we have an awesome bus system. well, it's okay. it gets me where i need to be. though it takes doc an hour and a half to get home by bus or to work. he takes four busses. and his work is not all that far away. 20 minute drive in traffic, faster when he comes home. so he tries to find rides and pays them well for their gas. by this time next year, we should have a car. maybe earlier.

this is starting to bore even me. have a great day!

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