Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

huzzah! i just placed the order for my new trackball and keyboard. this is significant because it marks the end of our bad finances for a while. all of it is private and i would get my head shaved if i talked about it, but this one small order just symbolizes the end of a very hard time. we don't have money to waste, and most of what we get goes into savings, but being order to replace equipment that no longer works is a hap-hap-happy time.

this also marks the end of the excuses about the book. i'll have my keyboard and precious trackball back and in the time it takes to get here, i'll have cleared a space to work in the studio at the computer the book is on. my computer. my slightly ill computer. it claims not to recognize the ethernet controller while it connects successfully. it is confused. i've made mad backups of the book and the journals it came from. i have to find some medical records and read the five journals i found and see if there is anything i can add to the book. those will be fun to read. i don't remember writing them.

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