Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

what drives me to post when i first get out of bed? it isn't my most coherent time. i guess it's because i am so open when i wake up, making an entry feels right.

doc and i did almost nothing yesterday. i did nothing. doc cleaned like a man driven mad with allergies in an apartment with cats in a locale where it is impractical to open the windows. we have clean spots all over our carpet from spot cleaning (funny how that sentence worked out). our air vents are clean, the apartment has been vacuumed within an inch of it's trampled down plush. and damned if it isn't easier to breathe.

the sky is cloudless and a really nice shade of blue. it's supposed to rain later this week. i can't wait. though it is monsoon season here and every threat of rain is a threat of flash flooding. another reason we live above the first floor.

my dreams have gone back to hiding in my psyche. i don't remember any of them. i guess i've been sleeping better. i wait until i'm tired instead of just going to bed when i take my meds. M goes to bed before doc gets home, then i have about an hour until doc gets home, i try to stay up with him for a little while. and then i have the mornings with doc and the afternoons with M. in between is lots of alone time for me.

i'm hatching a plan to take over my studio again. it is full of stuff i may need in the future and an extra computer. i can't get anything done, including getting to my computer to access email. this has got to change. i save fabric for my goddess dolls, that takes up the most room. i have some boxes i can pack those into and hopefully there is room for those outside in the little storage closet.

that's enough for now, i think. i need more coffee.

have a great day, everyone!

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