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not much to say. my ankle is progressing well. the swelling is less every day. the pain is negligible, though there are movements and certain positions that cause some very nasty pain for a while. i didn't learn to slow down when i had a head wound, and i didn't learn to slow down for this ankle, either. i'm pig headed.

i get to order my new trackball and keyboard soon. then i'll start working on things again on my machine. i'm still posting from M's laptop. it's just there, waiting to be used. so i must obey my electronic deity and use it. of course so is the PS2, but i'm afraid of sucking too much. there are so many buttons on the controllers. they intimidate me.

M and i have been having film festivals. he's shown me so many cool movies i never would have seen if it hadn't been for him. i wonder if he will appreciate "morons from outer space", i can never tell if someone will like it or not. and it's such a good movie. it is beyond stupid, but has it's hysterically funny parts that make up for the too stupid parts. netflix has it.

there is someone outside sitting in their car with the volume so loud in their car, it vibrates things on my mantle. i wish they would take their deaf selves into their apartment and bother their own. i'm so that lady. i dress like a teenager and look very young for my age, but i have that "get off my lawn" or "turn that music down" mentality.

gee, i guess i did have something to say. hee.

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