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no rain today. not yet. it's cloudy, Pittsburgh Grey. but there were storms coming round from the south east on the radar i saw last night. we need more rain. it's only 88 degrees here. i know it's morning, but as soon as the sun comes up, it heats up fast. according to the weather channel, rain is not out of the question.

i don't know how to put my finger on it, but i feel much better now that i have my seroquel. it's true i didn't melt down when i was off of it for a week and a half, but i feel much better now. i have some peace of mind, my thoughts aren't spinning and i am capable of sitting still for a bit.

doc went to walmart and got me a neoprene ankle brace. i had him get it because of the surgery i had years ago on my other ankle. there's some sort of tendon or ligament missing issue. once i hurt my other foot, twisted that ankle, i kept twisting it until it was huge and purple. but gym class contributed to that, i'm more sedentary now. so i wanted a brace so i don't twist it any more and end up with surgery on it. it makes more sense in my head.

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