Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the swelling in my ankle has gone down by about half. though my foot is swollen now. i need to stay off my feet, but there's stuff to do. iron and fold laundry, among other things. when i'm off my feet, i keep ice on it and keep it wrapped up. i can't keep it wrapped up at night because i tear it off, complaining of itching (as doc tells it). this will all be over within a few more days.

jack and tech are finally getting along. the odd hiss here and there, and some posturing, but other than that things are looking hopeful. there will be peace in our time.

i'm addicted to M's laptop. it sits in the living room and begs me to use it when he's not home or not using it.

i need to start pricing logitech trackballs and keyboards with email and internet shortcuts on it. i need to replace the ones that got burned out. i don't have room for a mouse on my computer table. i think i'll check out ebay.

ETA: joy! the trackball i want and the keyboard i want are both by logitech and they are only thirty dollars each!!!! yay hooray! i'm getting those suckers replaced!

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