Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the seroquel came yesterday. so i took it and slept most of the day. now doc is back on the "do you need this med or that med" crap. then it's on me to say, "i've been seeing this thing and hearing that thing", and he'll say, "ohhhh, why didn't you tell me?" and then it will come back around to "do i really need the doses i'm taking" and around it goes. this is the only thing we argue about. but i'm sick of the argument. HE'S NOT THE DOCTOR. i've even talked to my therapist about this because i am so sick of this shit. he told me that i need to let doc know i respect his thoughts, but it isn't up to him. he's so in father mode.

i was going to go on, but why? i'm hungover from the seroquel, as i will be for a couple of days as i get used to it again. so i'm really in no mood to rehash it.

jack and tech keep going out onto the porch, and, i fear, getting along in secret. maybe someday they can feel secure enough to let us know about their love. right now tech and max are under the beat up chair. doc said he saw them sneak out of M's room and go for the chair and disappear.

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