Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it's growing!!! i didn't kill one!!

actually, i have high hopes for all but the philedendron (sp) it doesn't seem to know if it's dying or not.

i started to crochet a hat out of this wonderful eyelash/lumpy yarn and i was about a third into it when it occured to me that i had forgotten how to crochet. i'd been doing this really odd stitch and hence, things were not going smoothly. and because of the lumpiness of the yarn i can't just pull it out. i tried. i could save it and sew it to one of my goddess dolls. it's all so meaningless when i write it down.

i have processes. i do things a certain way. like wash my hair. doc tried to help me yesterday and ended up making me mad like a five year old. i also have a process for listing my ebay stuff. and ebay has changed their process, which is bound to make me change my process. and it's got me frozen up.

and i still haven't mailed kam316's birthday present that is two months late. i just don't think i can go outside today. we walked up to the grocery and shopped and then walked home. i got way too much sun. i need some sunscreen. i've been saying that for a month, now it's everywhere, so doc can get it on his weekly walmart run.

speaking, as i briefly did, of kam316, she's gotten herself an updated computer and will soon be online. hooray for this bit of news.

we're getting a roommate. one of doc's friends from a former job. yesterday he brought his rather substantial cat over to start getting everyone aquainted. jack came up with some noises i didn't think domestic cats could make. he will not be easy to win over, but no matter, he can stake his claim in my room and the other cat will have his own room.

i think i'll go mist my plants.

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