Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

still sick. last night i woke up a number of times coughing in a fetal position. i think at some point i uncurled and made it to the bathroom and the triaminic. i haven't woken up coughing since i was a child. strange. but i think i'm over the hump. my head isn't so congested. it's all in my lungs now. but despite not being able to talk for an hour after i got up, i feel a bit better. i'm spending the day curled up with my hospital blanket i absconded on the couch watching trashy daytime Discovery channel.

doc noticed today that i'm well past the halfway mark in my paper journal. yep. i've filled it with things and forgotten them. just like i do here. i write and then forget what i wrote. i forget everything. i hate when that happens to me. but i can go back and look it up, and color coding has helped. sometimes i remember what color something was and search that color. and doc thought my obsession with the pens i use was silly. there's a method to this madness. at least the journal writing part of the madness.

i want to take a bus and go see my nana. it's a pipe dream, but i really want to do it.

wow, i just cleaned out my inbox. hooray for me. no, really, it's a big deal, my inbox was out of hand. i need to answer more of the comments left here. if for no other reason than to let you know i'm reading the comments and thinking about them.

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