Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

sick as the dog

my birthday was dreamy. no one came over, it was just doc and i and birthday cookie making and drinking coffee all day and night. there was snuggling and understanding talk. one of those days when you feel stripped down and loved for all you are. that was my birthday. pretty rockin', no?

on the underside, i have a sinus/upper resperatory infection. it should be getting better, but today is the worst day so far. i don't understand. i had been out of the house, at the doctor's office and on the bus, which is likely where i picked it up. sunday was funny, i woke up completely unable to talk. it went away in a couple of hours, but it was funny at the time.

i'm drinking plenty of liquids, much orange juice. eating oatmeal and bananas. i have no taste buds working, so i've only had a couple of birthday cookies. no point in eating them if i can't taste them, though it doesn't stop me from trying, hee.

thank you everyone for your happy birthday wishes, they worked. i did have a great day. thank you.

now back to work, i have laundry to fold (which apparently can't be done when one is curled up with the warm pile of cotton goods), and ironing to do and i have to do something with the kitchen. i'm not sneaking out because it's supposed to be 107 degrees today and i don't mix with heat, i just melt and fall down and pass out. no bueno.

tomorrow it's supposed to be 20 degrees cooler, and the day after, down to the 70 mark. there's even talk of rain storms, but that must be watched carefully because they tend to die out if they are passing over into the valley. the clouds must decide to gather and rain once they get into the valley. then the skies open up and washes the petrol products to the gutters. i love the rain here. i took it for granted back east. i don't here. i appreciate weather much more here.

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