Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i made two necklaces and a bracelet today. it feels good to accomplish more than just the housework.

my next project is to turn a shamefully wasteful camel mail promotion into an enchanting and mildly entertaining gift box. then said box will go to PA and be kelli's really late birthday gift. that is a several stepped thing that will include dashes of collage and fanciful artwork (i only do fanciful if it comes to drawing, filling in squiggly lines with color, vines and flowers, that sort of basic thing)

i've decided that i need to start every day with the music of courtney love. it empowers me like nothing else. then i'll listen to big country to mellow back out after i've done the stuff ms. love inspired me to do.

i need to take a shower and make my hair curly again. with the complete lack of humidity out here, my hair straightens out within a couple of days.

the cats are all hiding from the stereo, soon the sun will go down and it will be time for wet food, then they come out en masse. even jack has taken to meowing when begging for wet food. that's new.

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