Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

happy earth day. everyone on tv is barking about it. whee. i remember the first and last time i celebrated earth day. other than wanting to find the tshirt i got, i want nothing to do with the memory of it. the tshirt was cool. hee.

my email isn't downloading. it's all spam, anyway. that and notifications of comments left on my podcast blog, which are all spam. spam spam spam spam spam and beans.

my head hurts and doc hid the lortab. piffle.

Coco Latte isn't growing as fast as she should, i think she's a dwarf hamster. meant to be small and jumpy. i think we're going to get her a bigger cage. she's really active, so i think it's important that she have room to run and climb around. our last hamster, Spot, was not at all active, never ran her wheel. she just got big and fat and chewed on the bars of the cage compulsively. the cage we have was fine for Spot's level of activity, but isn't doing it for Coco. she runs her wheel at about 45 miles per hour. but when she's not running, she is tunneling under her cage bedding. you don't see her unless she wants to be seen. cute little vermin.

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