Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i don't care how lucid this post isn't.

doc emptied the computer ashtray. that was nice of him. i just let it pile up with butts and move them around when there are too many.

hey, if i write here instead of my paper journal, i don't have to worry about staying on the lines.

when did we stop believing in dragons? that has been plaguing me.

i shouldn't try to use big words because i am unsure of their spelling. i learned to read with phonics, so my default setting is to write it like it sounds. and that rarely works well for me.

i'm listening to a mix i made for kelli's visit in 06. so far, i don't think she likes any of the songs on the CD. maybe a couple.

if you sit on the couch there is the faintest smell of decomp. makes sleeping on the couch a bit icky. i burn a lot of incense because i can't find the smell no matter what i do. all of the cats and the hamster are alive and accounted for. doc and i can look for it tonight when he gets home.

i went to therapy today. took the bus and walked up, then got a ride home from M. we stopped and i got a chocolate shake. my reward for making it up there. we mainly talked about kasey and my obsession over her death and what pure evil my parents are.

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