Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

doc helped me put my body jewelry back in. phew. and rarr to the pain. though it's fading quickly. it should, i'm on lortab for my teeth.

i have double vision again, this typing is truly an adventure.

i went outside this morning and had a cigarette. i sat on my steps and didn't have the opportunity to interract with anyone, but it was great. i'll be doing it more. and in the afternoon, i should be able to capture some great contrails. time to recharge all the camera batteries.

but yeah, i've been sitting on my front porch . . . outside of the house . . . yay!

it will be some time before i get used to the sedating effects of the seroquel in the morning and then four hours after. i should have a few lucid hours every night between the second dose and the last one 8 hours later. but it usually doesn't work out that way. i generally fall asleep. but i am determined to do whatever it takes to get past this. the voices are so quiet now, so far away. how did i ever let them control me? they are so weak. i guess i got weak too. i still see the shadow man and have had a few other minor hallucinations, but i can push them away.

coco got up for an hour or so and ran in her wheel. there are so many noises here compared to the hospital. and i'm getting used to all the sounds again. most importantly sounds made by our demon cat, Jack, which are never good. he's having a war with the hamster cage and the pigeons outside, who seem more than happy to play along and tease him constantly. i'm pretty sure we will never own a bird. i just have to keep him away from the hamster cage. i spray him with a water bottle whenever he goes into stalking mode, but he makes his boldest moves at night while we are asleep. demon child.

i should really put my nail polish in the record bowl on the bathroom counter with all of my makeup. they are sitting on my desk, just taking up room.

i also need to find my bag of bags, so i can find an adequate case for my smaller and larger camera. the medium sized came with one. which has room for batteries. then they go in the camera bag, which i can fit easily in my messenger bag.

which reminds me, i need a new messenger bag. i'll have to drag doc to target and walmart and see wjhat we can find. i haven't been able to fine a decent replacement, most are too small. hmmm.


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