Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

good morning sunshine!

i was telling kam316 about the book i wrote. my conundrum is that i want to tear apart chapter 6 and rework it. big issue there is that chapter 6 is sitting on a submission pile, and on the off chance that the agent in question likes that chapter, i really can't fuck with it right now.

as for the rest of the chapters, i plan on opening them monday and taking another read and another stab at editing. i have the original manuscript safely on a zip disk, so i can go to town and if it doesn't work, i still have the originals.

i'm still waiting for the inspection to happen. we found out that the apartment inspections are being done by outside people, and the last time they did that they sold the place. we have a year lease, i'm not worried. we also have renters insurance at last and i need to take pictures of our valuables and burn them to CD. doc has a metal lockbox for such things.

i went for a walk to the post office and stood on line for 45 minutes and didn't black out. i think it's the music when i go out, it gives me a rythym to breath and walk to and keeps me stable.

speaking of which, i love my mp3 player so much i'm going to look for one for doc to use on his long ass commute. i use mine all the time, when i'm cooking or cleaning, i put it on. i love every song on it because as soon as i don't love a song on it, i can change it. so much more brilliant than my CDs. the little electronic creature just makes me happy.

speaking of electronic creatures, i broached the subject of getting myself a cell phone soon so i can start going on adventures on the strip. i have three cameras that are aching to photograph something other than cats, rain and contrails. and each camera has it's own specialty. the newest is a great video camera, the little one i got from camel cash is great for landscapes and the Mavica is great for close ups. i love electronics. anyway, i was talking about a phone. doc just got a new one with games and internet (not active, he's not paying for that or the text services) and a camera and i am jealous as all get out. electronic toys are my speciality. i get the toys, damnit. hee.

doc was home sick yesterday and ended up running around getting me my medication so i didn't run out. i didn't get to talk to him this morning so i don't know how he's feeling. he'll call during his lunch and i'll find out then. poor doc. he's had three colds this season so far. he needs something to boost his immune system. his commute involves running for three busses to make crucially timed connections to get to work. so he's outside running around every morning and evening.

we talked last night about getting a car and discovered we were on the same page. a small truck. bench seat so two cat carriers and a passenger can fit. we're of course getting it used and plan on having half the price in cash so the financing will go through. i'm pretty excited about it. the main debates are when it will happen and whether or not i am allowed to put a Black Flag sticker on it.

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