Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i sold the coolest necklace that i had up for sale on ebay. i'm so pleased with myself. i need to make more necklaces of the same style.

i went out by myself the other day. i had to mail an ebay package and i bundled up (37 degrees in the fucking desert, great) and walked to the post office and the grocery and then walked home with my purchases.

now i have all the ingredients for home made mac and cheese, and i'm going to make a double batch and freeze some of it.

nothing bad happened on my trip out alone. it's actually been a few days since i blacked out. my shrink thinks it's low blood sugar and Alisa says it's because i don't eat for days at a time. i live on coffee and water and the occasional yogurt. we've finished the last of our christmas goodies and they were so bountiful that we didn't even need to thaw the spare cheesecake i have.

doc and i celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on the third of this month. we had a fire in the fireplace and cuddled up under my blanket and watched bad TV together. i can't believe we've been together so long. that's just so cool.

last night i replaced the white string lights that had burned out in the living room. they are strung at the ceiling, around the perimiter of the room. it's a nice gentle light. i'm still looking for a place to put the multicolored LED lights i got a year ago.

i've had two colds so far this winter. one was a killer, the other not so bad. doc gets blamed for all germ infiltrations because i don't go out or talk to people in person.

i think i'm going to read the book again and make some changes. my memory is getting better, save for the times i'm on klonopin. i don't like taking the dosages i am, but when i went without it for a couple of days is when this fainting business started.

i have to burn a CD for a friend. i think i'll go do that.

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