Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

in which i come out of my hole

it's mid january. it's been a few months. here's the rundown . . .

seizures: ruled to be fainting spells, or blackouts (i hate the word "faint"), they have not found a reason for them. it still happens every other day or so. i'm back to only leaving the house for doctor's appointments.

hospitals: i was in a regular hospital twice. the second time they didn't medicate me and i fell apart. cue the feelings of being trapped and potentially shipped to psych hospital. i held it together barely until doc's friend, M, came to rescue me and i got discharged.

head trauma: gone. i still have lortab left. i was nursing a nice habit when i just stopped taking them. now i take them only when my teeth are killing me.

teeth: i still have not gone to a periodontist so i can go back to the dentist and have my teeth torn out. i just try not to smile any more.

holidays: went without a hitch. i put the tree up (in point of fact, it is still up, i like it, damnit). christmas day we made a ton of cookies. new years eve we spent together and drank a bottle of asti spumante while watching the local fireworks display on TV.

the book: is on an agent's submission pile and on hold on my pile. there are parts of it i want to tear apart and i really think it's my foul mood and not changes that need to be made. so i'm not touching it. i need to start printing pieces of it out for agent submissions. that's going to take money. everything takes money.

doc: is doing well. he got a promotion at work and just started a new schedule. he'll be home in the evenings now. it's going to be weird. i've become accustomed to his being out until midnight.

other than that, we signed a new lease and got renters insurance.

i am convinced we have a ghost cat in this apartment. all i am lacking is evps of his meowing. yes, we are being benignly haunted by my deceased cat, henry. i told doc of some sounds i'd been hearing and things in the corner of my eye and cold spots near my leg as i sat on the couch. there's my current crazy for you.

i haven't been paper journaling for a couple of weeks now. so i need to get back to the computer. i'd been using it purely as a servicing unit the past couple of weeks, burning DVDs of Farscape. now i have them all and have watched them all.

leeloo is lying in her box bed and chloe is standing over her, causing all manner of growling and hissing. they just can't play nice with each other.

i'm going to post a couple of videos to youtube soon. i've been playing with the video feature on my new-to-me camera. i love it.

i just got a stuffed bear from Alisa for the holidays. it is stuffed with herbs and flax seed and can be heated or cooled for soothing cuddling. i have to think of a name for it. i can't wait for a stiff neck.

i hope everyone is doing well. i haven't been reading my flist at all. this is the longest i've been on the computer in months.

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