Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

mild, temporary, soul crushing sick

it's just barely in my throat. i keel doc tonight because he told me to drink white grape juice. perhaps the most like sulfuric acid of the grape juices. that was just unpleasant. then there was the laying down to nap that led to a marathon yawning spree which led to marathon tears (i tear up when i yawn) and eventually fitful, mouth breathing sleep.

then i got up and did some housework and ironing. then i ate and threw up.

it has been a Stellar day!

and isn't it funny that i'm on antibiotics right now. i'm taking them so my teeth don't rot my jaw or some other horrible thing my new dentist was more than happy to tell me about. he's gonna be a kick to get treatment from. here's hoping the periodontist is less of an outspoken realist. give me some hope, for chrissakes. not just some pain pills and antibiotics and a few stabs to the eyes.

i don't feel so well. maybe i'll take a bath. i had planned to take a bath but now it's dark and don't ask me why, but that changes things.

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