Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

*snifflesnorf* i got myself a cold. yay!! or not. it was bound to happen, we've been leaving the windows open at night and the temps are dipping more than we anticipate. it happens every fall. every spring, too. it means the seasons are changing. instead of falling leaves (which, incedentally, we do have right outside my door), it's momentary failing health. i spring back. take mucinex and drink hot tea. that's the prescription.

i have to go out again today. doc needs something from the grocery and since i have an active bus pass, why not? and the pass is active until 3:48, the bus was there ten minutes late. so i didn't miss it the first time yesterday, i just didn't wait long enough. hrmph. so if i go after doc leaves, say at one thirty, i can get there and get back before my pass runs out. hopefully the store won't be as busy as it was yesterday and i can get in and get out. see, the bus comes back at seven after the hour to take me home. it's quite fun trying to beat the bus. and i'll take my hat in case i miss it. then the walk home won't be so icky. though the temps are low, the bright light kills me.

time to put new music on the mp3 player real quick. then i need to do some work, i've been slacking. well, no, i've been reading, but i feel like i've been slacking.

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