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i burned myself on purpose this morning. not badly, didn't even blister. the lighter was hot and it was there, so i pressed part of it into my hand and felt euphoria wash over me and then realized what i was doing and immediately stopped. i never made a concious decision to burn myself, it just happened. so i took some seroquel. one of the extended release tablets. i took one last night, too. so i'm pretty wonked out on it by now.

and i have to go out. i need to get cigarettes. i think i'll take the bus. i just don't feel like walking up to the corner. i'm lazy, i know. but i'd rather be out the shortest time possible while i'm this way.

i could just go to sleep. no. out first. then sleep.

i have three stereos (one in each room) and the speakers on my computer, but no, i'm listening to my mp3 player. when i get ear buds and rechargeable AAA batteries, i'll never take the thing off. or when i find my AAA rechargeable batteries, because i know i had some.

i finished my Valley Forge scrapbook layouts. well, i should say i started them. i need to embellish them and pretty them up, but i have the pictures all set up and double side taped to the layout. i have to decide what to do next and which paper to use. scrapbooking is fun, and when the ideas come they are easy to quickly get out and down. going back over them and adding collage elements to them instead of the usual pretty and color coordinated and expensive embellishments. that will be even more fun than doing the layouts.

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