Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

ha Ha. it's chilly in here today. putting clothes on was compulsory. the little weather thingie i have in my browser says 62 degrees. i love fall. i mostly love the fresh air in the house.

i think i have to go on a bus trip today to check out my periodontist's office. i'm willing to do a fair bit of walking to keep the busses simple. it's a two or three bus ride because the office is near here. that's the way it is out here in the peri-suburbs. busses that go in circles. i also want to go to walmart and get some orange lights to put on the porch for halloween. other apartments have already decorated with webs and scary things, but if i had them the cats would just fuck with them, so a simple set of lights around the banister would be really nice.

last night i spent listening to EVPs and looking at "ghost" pictures. a couple of cool pictures that may have been likely were photoshopped. the site isn't maintained anymore. and i read most of it, so i really don't need to go back there. i get this fascination with ghosties and whatnot every so often. halloween is coming, seems like as good a time as any. some of the EVPs creeped me out, but not a whole lot. there were only a few that had unreal scary/creepy voices.

i want to experiment with EVP because i want to capture any of my voices outside of my head. that is my only interest in the phenomena personally. i don't have a decent microphone, so i don't see that happening. a decent microphone, i don't have one that will work on this machine. pity, because i would play.

hell, if i had a microphone, i might go back to doing my podcast. i should look into an inexpensive one. there's a Frye's electronics around here somewhere, i've been to it before. i need to go there. i also need to get another network cable because the one going to the bedroom is broken and has to be taped to stay in.

i almost bought a soldering kit this weekend. then i could fix the microphone i have, but i really didn't have enough stuff that needed soldering so i said i'd wait longer to have it. it will come in handy for jewelry, electronics and sculpture. i have so many other projects (looks over at the slab of paper and the photos waiting for her) that i need to do.

it was doc's company's anniversary and they handed out these little slabs of metal in a decorative cardboard frame to the employees. the slab of metal? melted down part of the company's first plane. how weird is that? oh, and the frame has no way of standing up and no way to hang on the wall. ours is propped up in the scissor holder on the wall.

this coffee is so good. doc got a bag of sugar in the raw, hoping i would use less of it than the refined sugar, and i am. i can taste the flavor difference. it's subtle, but there's a little extra something in the coffee and it must be the sugar. i didn't monkey with the coffee at all when i made it. and i know the taste of my creamer. it isn't just that. the bitterness of the coffee is tempered, without it being sweet. yummy.
Tags: ramble

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