Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the heat is almost back

i didn't write yesterday because i wrote a lot of emails to alisa and i just didn't feel like posting. i'm fine. i didin't hurt myself. before i could solidify a plan, doc came home. then yesterday he took a half a day off work to spend with me. i feel much better than i did. so many of you posted with your own stories and answered my questions and i'm overwhelmed by it. i spent part of the day responding to the posts.

then alisa outed me here about being a budding kanye fan, but truth be told, the one song i really like, "stronger" makes heavy use of a daft punk song and it's that that i like. it would be a better song if it wasn't about getting laid. i look for something else in my lyrics.

we've started giving the cats pureed pumpkin to settle their stomachs and stop the daily random pukings. leeloo and jack just eat it, chloe has to be force fed, which isn't that hard. she's tiny and easy to hold and she doesn't spit up whatever she's given.

doc forgot to leave me money, or he didn't have any to leave me. i want to go for a walk with my new-to-me mp3 player sent by a generous friend who had an old one sitting around. i messed around last night and this morning putting just the right song list on it. i forget how many it holds, but it has a random setting so i won't get tired of the order they're in.

it's thursday and it's been a week of giving. or for me, receiving. i'm so glad for weeks like this, even when the bad things happen. things do sort of balance out.

now i have to write a short bio about myself. and i've never been good at selling myself. and there isn't a lot to sell, i have no literary presence. i had a poem published in an anthology, big deal.

i need to do that and
i need to update my site and
i need to update kasey's site and
i need to update/delete something from myspace and
burn my farscape episodes and
finish the book proposal book (there's little to help me, but enough to make the book worth the cover price) and
work on book proposal and
brush my gums with a baking soda paste and
wash and moisturize my face and
repaint my thumb nail

gods, it just goes on and on. bio and chapter two most important. and chapter two didn't even make the above list. i forgot it, and i can't do that. i need to formatt and read it. i'm reading through the book. though it is all mashing together. oops.

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