Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i just found a prescription for cymbalta in my bag. how long do scripts stay valid? i may be able to use this with my new pharmeceutical coverage. all i need is the card. then i can go to walmart and see if they will fill the cymbalta. then i'll have a buffer and a bit of time to find a new doctor.

i have to go dig through the HR site for the phone number i need.

i hope that cymbalta script is still good. i think they stay good for 6 months. this one is three months old. well within range. i may be able to avoid the evil prozac altogether.

and i need to find a doctor who understands self mutilation. which this other bag of degrees didn't. he seemed to equate my hurting myself with being suicidal. and there are very different things working for each. one is not a lead in to the other, necessarily. just because i hurt myself is not any kind of indication that i want to kill myself. that's what his telling me to call 911 was so silly. if all self mutilators called 911 every time they wanted to mutilate, well that would be a fucking mess, wouldn't it.

i hate the new controlled release seroquel. if this morning is any indication, i am now a zombie, and must, according to zombie rules, eat brains. do cat brains count, because i don't feel like going out for human brains. i could always order a pizza and have the brains delivered. but then i'd have to ditch a car and i'm not supposed to drive (because i am a zombie).

and i finally saw Pink's "Who Knew" on VH1. i love pink. i think i'll listen to her and the scrubs CD i made.

doc and i have been discussing emo. he doesn't get it (and i'm unsure of it). he is sad because a lot of the songs on scrubs he likes are emo. at least i think they are. i'm old and could be totally wrong about what emo is. anyone want to tell me?

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