Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
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ants! gah. we have to go get some spray and try to block them before they get in the house. they go straight for the cat food. we are going through cat food like no body's business because we keep having to throw it out with the ants.

today i'll go with doc to wal mart. i need the walking and i need a couple of girly things. i know, walmart is so horrible. so is being poor and not being able to afford luxurious stores like target and the grocery (for major food shopping). i'm not sorry. oh, all right, i'm a little bit sorry. whatever.

i feel off this morning. very rarr. ranty and furious. i'm trying to be nice to doc and the cats.

i need to take some mucinex. it stops my smoker's cough. i'm very coughy today.

and not as talkative as i thought

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