Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i decided to walk off some of the tension and went up to the grocery for some things. it's a nice length walk. if i could just do it without getting a soda on the way home. but alisa says i can have soda to celebrate.

she has other agents lined up. it was recommended that we talk to at least three. alisa is arranging all of that. that's her part of things aside from the unglamorous task of editing my first drafts. it's cool to have a manager, a go-between for all this stuff i don't know how to do.

i met up with a couple of mormon missionaries today. and gave myself away as a member by referring to them as "elders", which only members do. i have to watch that. so they asked me (well, only the one asked me, the assertive one, they always seem to be paired with one outgoing one and one shy one) if i was a member and i told them i hadn't been for 20 years. and he asked me what i had been doing all that time, i told him, "writing a book". and it's true. this book is 20 or more years in the making.

one thing alisa and i talked about a bit today was how i'm outing myself as a mentally ill person who is still not always in control. i had alisa describe me in "the letter" as "socially functional". because that's about as functional as i am. but i have a new doctor now and will soon be getting a therapist. and i trust the people taking care of me. doc takes care of the daily me, alisa takes care of the creative me, and the doctor takes care of the medicated me.

i hope that cleanser i ordered comes today. i have another damn zit. i was hoping beading order number two would be here today, but on the status page for the order it just says "status: new". that tells me nothing. i ordered it last weekend and wanted it here for this weekend. and i need to make another order from the same place now that i've found my last invoice and can order exactly what i need from the last order. doc is going to kill me. i will try to get the order to $25, then i get free shipping. that's cool.

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