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morning ramble

there is this large sheet of metal with vents in it that goes over the a/c unit in our living room, you must remove this to change the filters. doc changed the filter last night. and didn't fully lock the sheet of metal in place and it fell on me. hitting me on the head and on the right wrist. i iced the wrist last night because it got quite swollen. then i put my wrist brace on that hand while i slept.

i take it off to type and use the trackball (mouse thing). but using my pinky hurts.

doc felt horrible about it, though it wasn't really his fault. he thought it was locked, easy mistake to make. i'm just glad it didn't hurt the hamster cage or hamster and that no cats were in the area at the time.

i finally found the secret to keeping my hair out of my face. part it on the side and pull some back from the thicker side and put a barrette in it while it dries. and it stays out of my eyes. love. until i can get a decent hair cut, i need all the help i can get with my unruly mop.

i'm watching "Hello Dolly" with barbara streisand. hopefully the next netflix movies won't be musicals. we got two at once due to poor planning on my part with the netflix queue.

i should be getting one of my bead orders today. finally some more black accu flex in the right thickness. i've been using silver in a super thin guage. oh, accu flex is flexible beading wire coated in plastic. i'm not sure what else i got. i know i got two rhodium plated charms for pride necklaces. and two small screwdrivers for the computer. and a yellow "torquoise" turtle charm. i think that's for me. but the rest of the order, i dont' remember.

then i'll get the second beading order and i can finish the second butterfly bracelet. then i'll need to order more chain, for that i have to find the invoice from that purchase because i forget where i got them from. but i save all the invoices.

and sometime this week i'll get Purpose cleanser and oil free moisturizer.

a week of packages. i'm so looking forward to the mail this week.

i got up at 7 again today. i need to stay up later. i'm needing less sleep.

i've been not eating and taking xenadrine. i found xenadrine online with ephedra in it (insert evil laugh here) and i'm getting that once i'm done with the bottle i have that doesn't have ephedra. i will lose weight. yesterday i had half a ham sandwhich. most of my calories come from what i'm drinking. and i have to say i'm being bad about that. coffee with flavored creamer, cola, green tea (arizona). but i've been going out more and walking when possible. i can turn the walk up to the mailbox into a half an hour thing by just wandering the paths in the complex.

i have to get into the habit of walking around the complex when i first get up in the morning, before people start going to work and the parking lot is relatively quiet.

i want to be thin for when the book comes out and i have no doubt i can do it. hell, i wrote the book in four weeks, save for the last chapter. which i'll do tomorrow or the next day. then we start the final edit. the way we have been doing things, we take a first draft and fix it immediately. then we go back over it for the small stuff. then i mess with it a bit. as long as i have a document open i will mess with it and add to it and take away from it.

but we're quick. and i don't know about alisa, but i'm never quite happy with any of it. i always think i can add to it. so it can only get longer.

i forgot that michael crawford is in hello dolly. he was the phantom of the opera on broadway and he was also in a little known disney movie, condorman. when we met him after phantom at the stage door, i said "i love you condorman". then i chased him down the street, not for an autograph, but just to thank him for his performance. that was in 1987, yikes.

my klonopin has 2 refills on it. hee. i was all panicky because i forgot to get a new script from my new doctor. and then i looked at the bottle over the weekend and saw "refil 2x" on it. relief. i got enough cymbaltea for a month from him and i have a script for that once our insurance kicks in, which is mere weeks away. in fact, we need to get the insurance stuff in like yesterday. i'll work on it with doc tonight.
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