Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

maybe i'm not a girl. the sunscreen makes my face sweat. and that is after the seaweed scrub and some type of cleansing lotion that goes with it. and the eye cream, which i don't need now, but i will eventually, may as well keep the skin as fortified as possible. though i have a new zit. i'm going to order some cleanser and face lotion online. we're lucky, right now we have just a bit of spending money. i was able to order what i lacked from and another site i forget the name of. some craft site with a lot of jewelry findings. i paid all my internet bills and doc says the facial stuff will be good for me so he's all behind it. ever since alisa sent me the first of the cosmetic samples, i've been in to my hygeine.

i just need to pat my face down.

i have a barrette in my hair, holding it back. but i'm still wearing the combat worthy cammo shorts and a black tshirt with electric blue doc martens and socks with alligators on them. and not the lame izod alligator, but cool alligators. i'm wearing my thick leather watch band on one hand and silver bracelets (one sterling medic alert bracelet, one fine silver link bracelet and two stainless steel italian link bracelets) on the other. oh yeah, and i'm wearing my tiffany and co. sterling heart sent to me by alisa and made into a necklace by me.

the necklace is actually a research experiment with the 1mm rubber cording i ordered. i think it would make the coolest pride jewelry. so i want to wear it and see how it reacts to my body heat and water. so far it has lost some or most of its stretchiness and has shrunk just a bit. i think i feel confident enough with it to make some jewelry. i also ordered gold filled findings this weekend becuse the incredible glass leaf and heart charms have gold filled bails on them. and they are such that i cannot replace them with silver. i have one gold clasp and i ordered two more. and one black ball chain for them. and one black ball chain for my pride dog tag necklace. and eye pins. i need them for the second butterfly bracelet because the head pins pulled right through most of the butterflies, their holes are too big. hee.

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