Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i slept with my contacts in by mistake. i was so tired that i completely forgot about them and today my eyes feel fine.

we took the bus/walked to our favorite asian buffet around the time i usually go to bed. we missed the last bus home by two minutes so we walked home. it's the same distance as it is to my doctor's. and it was dark and there was no wind. absolutely no movement of air at all. it was strange. i got to see the strip from the hill we walked down. and i saw a baby bunny hopping around.

when we got home, there was a kitten sniffing the bushes outside. i tried to approach it but it ran. it had long fur in grays and black and this big long poofy tail. i would think it's feral, because it wasn't at all interested in me, but the fur wasn't matted like it so often is with long furred ferals.

i can't have a new cat. not until we move from here. which won't be for a very long while. plus i'm too busy with the book. i keep telling myself these things. i have a kitten, his name is jack. that's what doc says.

i have to work on the book today. i've been putting off the last two chapters. i need to work on them.

i think we're goinjg to walmart today. we need cat food. and cat litter. and i have to look for a certain facial product. and now i have to go back through alisa's emails and find out what that product is, because the name escapes me.

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