Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


alisa makes me feel like a girl.

i have sparkles painted on my finger nails and it's all her fault. well, hers for sending the polish to me, and the cable company for giving me spotty service and free time at my desk.

in fact, on or near my desk are the contents and envelopes still full of stuff she has sent me.

she sent me a red fabric covered lined journal this week, it is fabulous. i took it with me today. i'm not sure when will be the right time to write in it, but i'm making sure i have it with me all the time. it fits perfectly in my messenger bag.

then she had sent to me a giant bottle of lotion she had sent me a sample of and i loved. plus the lotion came with a mini facial, five different samples and a booklet on how they work together. i plan to try them over the weekend.

oh, and i'm wearing perfume that she sent me. it's called black orchid. it smells divine on me.

i have to start going for my walks before i go to bed or before i start working in the morning. some time when it isn't over 100 degrees. yesterday's walk was a disaster. i didn't think and so i didn't take any cold water with me. dumb, i know.

i can't wait for doc to get home today for some reason. first it was because he left me no money (his friend had to pay for my ID) and i wanted a coke. then i found change in an old piggy bank, just enough for one soda and one dime dropped under the machine.

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