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titles!! argh! reader participation

back and forth on titles and back and forth again. no one can agree and i haven't "felt" a title since "scarred". there have been some other good ones but it's all getting confused. fuck the title for now.

okay, you know what? just out of curiosity, let's open this up to reader participation. i can't give you details, but it is an autobiography. okay, so it's basically about me.

one that's been turned down is "am i too scarred?" another that's been nixed is "dirt words" which is the title to one of my poems and just seemed catchy at the time.

i once wanted to title a chapbook "go ahead and eat the damn daisies" . . . an homage to "Don't Eat the Daisies", the classic Doris Day movie.

i'm going back to the thesaurus. maybe i should name it like they name the operations over in the war. Operation Atomic Scar. i like that, i like the word atomic. too bad i can't use atomic in the title. it could be taken literally and we don't want that.

have any ideas? i'd love to hear them.
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