Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

okay, yesterday's mystery hero was johnette napolitano. her new CD is called Scarred. that title is taken by a recent book on the same subject mine is. even though it's fiction, it's too soon to reuse the title, so we're going with something else. but i recommend that you go to where you can relax and listen to her CD on the first page.scroll down and you'll see a small black box at the bottom center of the page, this is the music player. you can skip ahead to other songs or back to the one you just listened to, it's almost like having the CD.

who are my other three heroes? say it with me: henry rollins. . . yes, and? Hunter S. Thompson, go on who else? John Doe.

then there are demi heroes like courtney love, pink, mike ness . . . lots.

doc, of all people, came up with a rather good book title yesterday. considering he wants nothing to do with the book and will not read it (he's not a big reader anyway and i don't know how comfortable i am with him reading it), it was an awesomely good title. now i just have to run it by my auxiliary title empress and see what she has to say.

two chapters left. what should be the easiest and what is clearly the hardest. lucky i have some paring down to do of stuff in chapter 2 instead of getting right on those.

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