Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i may have been premature . . . i found a book from this year with the same title and the moment i went to go read about it, my cable crapped out. and it is still out and i am left hanging.

maybe i'll have a name the book contest. i've used up all my snark and descriptive and summative skills for right now. but we have agood and proper agent to send this to and i want it titled and sent off next week. no fucking around here.

and i just lost a huge playlist fucking around and making a quick movie of jack and leeloo. i saw i had this movie making program while i was looking at my programs today and i wanted to know if i could do what i wanted with it, and i can. hee.

i didn't work out on my break today, i did laundry and stuff around the house. i worked up a sweat, so that counts, right?

and since the internet is out i painted my nails with the silver sparkly nail polish that alisa sent me. she sends me all sorts of goodies and they sit here on my desk and call to me.

we need to prove to the insurance company that we are married and living together. i got the required documents together today. i'm hoping we can have this all done by the end of the week. the sooner i get to the dentist, the better. the tooth the outright broke has been slowly chipping away. i'm afraid to brush my teeth now. my teeth are that fragile.

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